• In the Episcopal Church, Holy Matrimony is the celebration of two people entering into a lifelong union of fidelity, respect, and mutual support. A marriage at Saint John’s Cathedral can be of two people of any gender, race, and faith background – however, a few additional guidelines also apply. The requirements to be married at Saint John’s Cathedral are outlined below.

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  • Requirements for Marriage

    When you choose to be married in the Episcopal Church, you are choosing not so much a location as a community and a way of life. At the cathedral we anticipate working with couples who seriously seek to make Christ and the Church a part of their marriage relationship.

    A marriage usually takes place at Saint John’s when at least one of the persons to be married is a member of the parish, but non-members are invited to inquire about holding their marriage at Saint John’s. Regardless of membership, all couples to be married must engage in a pre-marital conversation that reflects on the questions and promises of the marriage service and calls the engaged couple into thoughtful and authentic communication with each other.

    We will engage in serious conversation about wedding arrangements with those who:

    – are active, worshiping members of the cathedral
    – are actively seeking to become members of the cathedral
    – have family members who are active members of the cathedral
    – are members of other Episcopal congregations in the diocese*
    – are willing to engage in a serious exploration of the Christian faith prior to the Sacrament of Marriage

    *Arrangements for marriages for members of other Episcopal congregations must also be made in conversation with your parish priest.

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  • Please note: if one or both members of a couple have been divorced, the couple must complete a Remarriage Application to be reviewed by the Bishop of Colorado. Per the Office of the Bishop of Colorado, any previous civil unions, domestic partnerships, or relationships blessed by a church (even if not recognized by law), are classified as “divorce.”

    You can read the Wedding Booklet, with more information on marriage at the cathedral, below.

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Wedding Booklet

Wedding Inquiry

  • Full name of Partner 1
  • Full name of Partner 2
  • Top 3 preferred dates of ceremony
  • Religious Affiliation, if any
  • Phone number