Town Hall

  • Our Campus

    Saint John’s Cathedral owns about a block and a half of property in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, as shown in the image on the right. Together with Tryba Architects, we are in the initial stages of a long-term plan and vision for our campus. Part of that planning and visioning includes building or strengthening connections with our neighbors. We want to understand how our campus serves and can better serve the needs of our neighbors and neighborhood businesses.

    Please join us for one of our upcoming open houses to connect, learn about possibilities for the site, and share your ideas:
    June 2 from 4 to 6 pm: We invite businesses in the neighborhood to drop in for this open house on our East Lawn (on the corner of 14th Avenue and Clarkson Street).
    June 23 from 4 to 6 pm: We invite residents in the neighborhood to drop in for this open house on our East Lawn (on the corner of 14th Avenue and Clarkson Street).
    If you are unable to attend or have questions, please email .

  • Our Guiding Principles

    – We will be mindful of our historic campus, buildings, and the neighborhood’s fabric and scale.
    – We will strive to ensure the cathedral campus always remains vibrant and relevant.

    – We will pursue effective use of land and resources with efficient and environmentally responsible energy performance improvements.
    – We will ensure utilization for future generations within the community.

    Neighborhood Integrity
    – We will strive to enhance our role as a civic, social, and community anchor in the neighborhood.
    – We will facilitate and work to improve connections within the cathedral campus and the community.

    Productivity and Innovation
    – We will focus on a market-driven approach.
    – We will pursue strategic partnerships.
    – We will use well-considered phasing and sequencing to implement plans.

  • Opportunities, Constraints, & Ideas

    1) Enhance arrival and welcome experience with new central open space
    2) Reprogram Roberts to maximize use and revenue opportunities
    3) Enhance street environment through traffic calming, two-way conversion, street edge improvements
    4) Investigate new entry for tenants in Roberts
    5) Enhance physical and programming connections to Morey Middle School
    6) Improve gateway experience on 13th connecting to neighborhood retail street
    7) Enhance garden edge to 13th to promote community interaction
    8) Explore retail programs at corner of 13th and Washington to activate street and engage neighborhood
    9) Engage neighbors to promote street edge enhancements and activation of 13th Street as a neighborhood Main Street
    10) Acknowledge challenge of Xcel facility and its impact on street edge activation
    11) Explore mixed use development to provide edge definition, activation, and security within the Cathedral Campus
    12) Explore integrated below grade parking
    13) Enhance site edge conditions to provide clear conditions of transition and threshold
    14) Enhance West Lawn as a green amenity for the neighborhood and place of community gathering
    15) Enhance columbarium landscape as sacred space and processional route
    16) Acknowledge and address impact of neighboring properties on perceptions of safety and comfort on the street
    17) Enhance pedestrian crossing experience
    18) Explore renovation and development options for the Kimberly Apartments
    19) Enhance open space environment as an amenity for the cathedral and residents
    20) Explore purchasing site for redevelopment
    21) Engage residents of Saint Francis Center Apartments at Cathedral Square into a broader community of housing and support
    22) Explore development partnership opportunities
    23) Test future development scenarios for sites facing Colfax
    24) Explore future opportunities provided by the Colfax Bus Rapid Transport program