A House of Prayer for all People and the Episcopal Church in Colorado

The Wilderness
The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
July 16, 2023

Welcome to Saint John’s Cathedral! We are glad you are here. If you are new to Saint John’s please see this time as one of connection and restoration. Our prayer is that you encounter God as you participate in today’s service. Before the service begins, please take a moment to silence your electronic devices. Hearing Impaired guests: Hearing Loop Installed. Switch hearing aid to T-coil.

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The Wilderness Musicians


I’m so glad, Jesus lifted me,

I’m so glad, Jesus lifted me,
I’m so glad, Jesus lifted me,
Singing glory, hallelujah, Jesus lifted me.
When I was in trouble, Jesus lifted me,

When I was in trouble, Jesus lifted me,

When I was in trouble, Jesus lifted me,

Singing glory, hallelujah,

Jesus lifted me.

Presider As we prepare to celebrate the sacred mysteries, let us confess our sins, confident in God’s infinite mercy, and the promise God makes to us in Holy Baptism.
Prayerful silence is kept.
People Our lives are laid open before you: rescue us from the chaos of sin we have committed and sin done on our behalf. In your mercy, heal and make us whole through our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
Presider God, who is rich in mercy, have mercy on you, forgive you all your sins, strengthen you by the Holy Spirit’s power, and enable you to walk in Christ’s risen life forever.
People Amen.

Presider God is with you.
People And also with you.
Presider Let us pray.

God of the heavens, God of the earth, all creation awaits your gift of new life. Prepare our hearts to receive the word of your Son, that his gospel may grow within us and yield a harvest that is a hundredfold. We ask this through our Savior Jesus Christ, your, Son, who live and reigns with you in union with the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.

All sit.

Isaiah 55:10-13

A reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah.

Just as the rain and the snow come down from the sky and don’t return there without watering the earth, making it conceive and yield plants and providing seed to the sower and food to the eater, so is my word that comes from my mouth; it does not return to me empty. Instead, it does what I want, and accomplishes what I intend. Yes, you will go out with celebration, and you will be brought back in peace. Even the mountains and the hills will burst into song before you; all the trees of the field will clap their hands. In place of the thorn the cypress will grow; in place of the nettle the myrtle will grow. This will attest to the Lord’s stature, an enduring reminder that won’t be removed.

Reader  Hear what the Spirit is saying to God’s people.
People  Thanks be to God.

Psalm 145:8-15
All sing.

You tend and water the land.
How wonderful | the | harvest!
Ready the seeds, prepare the grain.
You | fill your | springs.
You soak the furrows and level the ridges.
With softening rain you bless the | land with | growth.
You crown the year with riches.
All you | touch comes | alive:
Untilled lands yield crops,
hills are | dressed in | joy,
Flocks clothe the pastures, valleys wrap them- | selves in | grain.
They all shout for joy and break | into | song.

All stand.


The Gospel Book is reverenced, kissed, and touched by the People.

Jesus is Lord of all the earth. He is the King of creation. Refrain
Spread the good news o’er all the earth: Jesus has died and has risen.

Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Presider  The Good News of our Savior Jesus Christ according to Matthew.
People  Praise and glory to Christ.

That day Jesus went out of the house and sat down beside the lake. Such large crowds gathered around him that he climbed into a boat and sat down. The whole crowd was standing on the shore. He said many things to them in parables: “A farmer went out to scatter seed. As he was scattering seed, some fell on the path, and birds came and ate it. Other seed fell on rocky ground where the soil was shallow. They sprouted immediately because the soil wasn’t deep. But when the sun came up, it scorched the plants, and they dried up because they had no roots. Other seed fell among thorny plants. The thorny plants grew and choked them. Other seed fell on good soil and bore fruit, in one case a yield of one hundred to one, in another case a yield of sixty to one, and in another case a yield of thirty to one. Everyone who has ears should pay attention.” “Consider then the parable of the farmer. Whenever people hear the word about the kingdom and don’t understand it, the evil one comes and carries off what was planted in their hearts. This is the seed that was sown on the path. As for the seed that was spread on rocky ground, this refers to people who hear the word and immediately receive it joyfully. Because they have no roots, they last for only a little while. When they experience distress or abuse because of the word, they immediately fall away. As for the seed that was spread among thorny plants, this refers to those who hear the word, but the worries of this life and the false appeal of wealth choke the word, and it bears no fruit. As for what was planted on good soil, this refers to those who hear and understand, and bear fruit and produce—in one case a yield of one hundred to one, in another case a yield of sixty to one, and in another case a yield of thirty to one.”

Presider  Good News from the Lord.
People  Praise to Christ, the Word.

The People are seated.


All stand.


All sit and the singing bowl is rung to begin and end our time of prayerful reflection.


The People are invited to wander in prayer or remain in their seats.

All stand.

Presider  Into your hands, gracious God, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting in your mercy; through Jesus Christ, our Savior.
People  Amen.


Presider  Christ’s peace is with you.
People  And also with you.

The People greet one another with a sign of Peace and are then seated for announcements.


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The Wilderness Musicians

All stand.


Presider  God is with you.
People  And also with you.
Presider  Lift up your hearts.
People  We lift them to the Lord.
Presider  Let us give thanks to our Lord God.
People  It is right to give our thanks and praise.

It is right to praise you, almighty and merciful God,
through our Savior Jesus Christ.

You reveal your glory as the glory of the Father,

the Son, and the Holy Spirit: equal in majesty, undivided in splendor,

one Lord, one God, ever to be adored in your eternal glory.

And so, with all the choirs of angels and archangels, martyrs,

saints, and faithful in every generation, we praise your name and join their unending hymn:

All sing.

The Presider continues.

Holy God, holy and mighty, holy and immortal:
you we praise and glorify, you we worship and adore.
You formed the earth from chaos;
you encircled the globe with air;
you created fire for warmth and light;
you nourish the lands with water.
You molded us in your image,
and with mercy higher than the mountains,
with grace deeper than the seas,
you blessed the Israelites and cherished them as your own.

That also we, estranged and dying,
might be adopted to live in your Spirit,
you called to us through the life and death of Jesus.

In the night in which he was betrayed,
our Lord Jesus took bread, and gave thanks;

broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying:

Take and eat; this is my body, given for you.

Do this for the remembrance of me.

Again, after supper, he took the cup, gave thanks,
and gave it for all to drink, saying:
This cup is the new covenant in my blood,
shed for you and for all people for the forgiveness of sin.

Do this for the remembrance of me.
Recalling now our Lord’s work of redemption and
offering to you our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving:

People  Dying, you destroy our death.

Rising, you restore our life.
Lord Jesus, come in your glory.

With this bread and cup we celebrate your faithfulness

to us and the whole world in your Son,
the first-born of your new creation.
We celebrate his life lived for others,
and his death and resurrection, which renews the face of the earth.

We await his coming,
when, with the world made perfect through your Wisdom,
all our sins and sorrows will be no more.
Let the Church say, “Amen.”

People  Amen.

Holy God, holy and merciful one, holy and compassionate,

send upon us, and these gifts of bread and wine,
your Holy Spirit,
whose breath revives us for life,
whose fire rouses us to love.
Enfold in your arms all who share this holy food.
Nurture in us the fruits of the Spirit,
that we may be a living tree, sharing your bounty with all the world.

Let the Church say Amen.

People  Amen.
Holy and gracious God,
receive our praise and petitions,
as Jesus received the cry of the needy,
and fill us with your blessing,
until, needy no longer and bound to you in love,
we feast forever with Mary, The God-bearer; Blessed John, our patron;

and all your saints; at the banquet table of the Lamb:
through whom all glory and honor is yours, O God, Living One,
with the Holy Spirit, in your holy church, now and forever.
The Musicians and People sing  Amen.


As Jesus taught his friends, we now pray,

Presider and People

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your Name,
your kingdom come, your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial,
and deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power,
and the glory are yours,
now and for ever. Amen.


The Presider breaks the consecrated Bread. An assistant fills the chalices with wine.


Come to the banquet, for all now is ready.

Following the invitation to Communion, the Ministers and People receive the Sacrament. For those desiring to receive wine, it is available from the common Cup or you are invited to leave the wafer in your open palm and a chalice minister will intinct for you.

The Wilderness Musicians

All stand.


Let us pray.

Presider and People
We thank you for feeding us with the bread of heaven
and satisfying us with the cup of freedom.
Send us from this place as signs of your Presence
as we join you in repairing this fractured world.
Through our Healer and Friend, Jesus Christ.


The blessing of the one, holy, and undivided Trinity be upon you and remain with you forever.



Let the church say amen

Let the church say amen
God has spoken
Let the church say amen


Presider  Go in peace.
People  Thanks be to God.

Presider & Preacher
The Reverend Amy Newell-Large
Curate for Parish Life