Planning a Burial

The Christian faith comforts us with the belief that not even death can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. A burial from Saint John’s does not require membership. Upon the death of a loved one please be in touch with the cathedral clergy and staff as soon as possible. The clergy are here to provide pastoral support and guidance in scheduling and planning the service of Christian Burial.

Please contact our Sacristan, Zane Johnson, at or 303-577-7718 to discuss the burial of a loved one or to plan for your own funeral. Zane will connect you to a member of the clergy after getting information about the deceased.

  • Music for Funerals

    As soon as the family, in consultation with clergy, have determined the date and time of the funeral liturgy, contact Director of Music Michael Boney who will help to select appropriate music.

    If there is music that would be meaningful to you at the service, please make a list and bring it to the meeting. These liturgies require music which is sacred in nature. Exceptions may be made, but must be done with the understanding that popular tunes are not used within the liturgy. There is no prerecorded music used in the cathedral for services.

    Please find the list of suggested hymns for funerals below.

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  • All Souls' Walk

    All Souls’ Walk is a place of rest for the remains of the faithful departed.

    The columbarium lies on the east side of the cathedral and is a pavement of unmarked granite stones, below which are small family-owned crypts and larger, common crypts into which cremated remains are placed. Bronze tablets border the Walk and are engraved with the names of each person interred.

    Please contact Zane Johnson with any questions or for scheduling.

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  • Pre-Planning a Funeral

    Planning your funeral well in advance of your death is a wonderful gift you can give your family. If you decide to plan your funeral ahead of time, we store your plans and paperwork and notify your family members of your wishes in the circumstance of your death. Contact our Sacristan, Zane Johnson, if you have questions. Please fill out the applicable forms below and send them to Zane.

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  • Funeral Resources and Documents

    Please review all documents and fill out all applicable forms.

    Funeral Service Planning Form
    Scripture and Hymn Booklet
    Frequently Asked Questions & Service Fees
    Pre-Planning Funeral Form
    Funeral Reception Form