Saint John’s Cathedral is a house of prayer for all people and is an Episcopal parish in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver. We invite all in Denver, Colorado, and beyond to join our community through our live-streamed services, formation opportunities, and small group meetings online. You can find a full list of upcoming events, both in-person and online, on our calendar.

As we make plans for regathering at the cathedral, we align our COVID-19 policies with the policies of the Office of the Bishop, the City of Denver, the State of Colorado, CDPHE, and the CDC. Please know that we will expand our offerings in phases, and our staff gives a lot of thought and care into safely planning for each phase.

In-Person Worship Opportunities

Our Sunday service offerings include opportunities for in-person worship both inside and outside. Information about service times, registration requirements, and parking on campus are below.

Live-Streamed Services

Our 10:30 am Choral Eucharist service and 5 pm Wilderness service will be live-streamed. As always, the easiest way to join us in worship online is at sjcathedral.org.

Though we are very excited to resume in-person worship indoors, we know how important it is to have opportunities that don’t require a reservation and don’t have a capacity limit. Every Sunday, you can join our community for Morning Prayer at 8 am, coffee hour at 11:30 am, and reception of communion at 12 pm, and we hope you do join us often for these offerings.

Sacramental Services

Currently, Saint John’s Cathedral can host the following:
– Committals on All Souls’ Walk with up to 50 people
– Baptisms in the White Garth with up to 50 people
– Weddings with up to to 50 people

Please contact Emily Smith, our Sacristan, at if you are interested in any of these sacraments.

Expanding Other Services

For now, we are focusing on expanding our opportunities for worship and community on Sunday – doing so allows us to reach as many people in our parish and community as possible. After we settle into our expanded Sunday schedule, we hope to strategize how we can host funeral services and other sacraments more fully. We are still a ways away from being able to host weekday worship services and larger formation and community events like Cathedral Night, but please know these are still priorities for us as we move through the phases of regathering.

Volunteer Opportunities

Lay volunteers play a large role in cathedral life, and we’re glad we’re able to utilize our ministry groups again with the expansion of Sunday offerings. Our staff has coordinated with lay leaders to schedule volunteers for ushering, registration/check-in, and acolyting, to name a few. If you’re interested in joining a worship ministry team, click here.

Connecting from Home

If you decide not to come to any of our in-person opportunities, please know you are still a valuable part of our community and there are a number of ways you can stay engaged with the cathedral.

– We encourage everyone who can get vaccinated to do so as soon as they have the opportunity. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry advocates for getting vaccinated as it’s the safest and fastest way out of the pandemic.

– Continue worshipping with us online for our 10:30 am Choral Eucharist and 5 pm Wilderness services.

– Join a small group or ministry team. Many groups meet online and some ministries have continued to minister to our people from home throughout the pandemic in various ways.