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Ars Nova presents VOCES8 in Concert

Ars Nova Singers is proud to present the British vocal ensemble VOCES8, inspiring people through music and sharing the joy of singing. VOCES8 performs an extensive repertoire both in its a cappella concerts and in collaborations; versatility and a celebration of diverse musical expression are central to the ensemble’s ethos.

“The singing of VOCES8 is impeccable in its quality of tone and balance. They bring a new dimension to the word ‘ensemble’ with meticulous timing and tuning.” – GRAMOPHONE MAGAZINE


VOCES8 – Lux Aeterna

Warmth, radiance, guidance, and comfort: from the pale glow of moon or starlight to the blaze of summer sun, light has always been a symbol for our most basic human needs, both physical and spiritual. In compiling the music for “Lux Aeterna,” we found ourselves returning time and again to this idea of the desire for comfort being expressed through music. Composers of the Renaissance era would of course draw on sacred texts, where light is often closely linked to hope, security, and salvation, and our more contemporary offerings follow in that tradition. Even those pieces which do not explicitly reference light still hint at the solace which it provides. There is for us something inherently comforting about the sound of unaccompanied voices in harmony, and if this programme shows one thing, it is that composers across the ages have felt the same way.

Elgar, Lux Aeterna
Palestrina, Magnificant Primi Toni
Victoria, Regina Vaeli
Byrd, Hae dies
Parry, Songs of Farewell
Works by Gibbons, Monteverdi, Casals, Paulus, and more