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Saint John’s Day Community Celebration

Saint John’s Day is a day of festivities and fun! A much-beloved tradition, Saint John’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the joy we have in gathering together and strengthen our bonds in our church community. This year’s events will feature Dunk the Dean (Deacon and Youth Minister!), community bingo, and breakfast tacos. This year we will also have sign-ups for our new Parish Parties – small gatherings hosted by members of our congregation. There will be a children’s area, gaga ball, and other fun activities. 


Parish Parties: This year on Saint John’s Day, there will be an exciting way to engage your hospitality skills and share your interests: Parish Parties!

Parish Parties are opportunities to host gatherings, guide experiences, teach skills, or even challenge one another. Prior to our Saint John’s Day celebration, you are invited to think about a party or experience you would like to donate to the community. Examples include a cheese and wine pairing, a painting party, a backyard BBQ, a hike, candlemaking, a private golf lesson, or a dart-throwing tournament. Be sure to choose a date and time when you’d like to host the gathering and consider how many people you could accommodate.

As the host, you may set a ticket price for your event based on the perceived value, and proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to Saint John’s to support our operating budget. The host fronts the cost of the event, but you can also invite your guests to donate or cover other costs as you need. For example, if you want to host a backyard BBQ you can cook the main dish but ask others to bring sides. Or, if you’re hosting a brewery tour you can arrange the tour but ask your guests to cover their beers at the brewery.

At Saint John’s Day, folks will be able to sign up for your party, and Amy will follow up to connect hosts and guests. 

To submit an event, or if you have any questions, please email Reverend Amy at . The deadline to get an event to Amy is August 25th.