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Parents’ Forum with Dr. Emily King and Tina Clark

Parents – it’s finally 2021. What now? In the last months, it seems much of our hope has centered on the landmark of a new year. The whole world waved 2020 goodbye with a collective cry of “Good Riddance.” However, the reality is that most of our children are still doing school at the kitchen table, we still cannot gather as a faith community, and our nation has suffered in myriad ways in the past year. The vaccine is a bright and wondrous light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel feels long and dark.
On January 24 at 11:30 am, Tina Clark will be in conversation with Dr. Emily King, a nationally recognized family psychologist who is often featured on The Holderness Family Podcast and The New York Times. Dr. King and Tina will discuss how we and our children are managing the continued stress, anxiety, and grief of COVID-19. In addition, they will explore how we are processing the divisions we experience in our country. Dr. King will offer us hope and courage as well as concrete ways to support ourselves and our children.
Dr. King will be taking questions throughout the session. You can watch on the Saint John’s YouTube channel or the Saint John’s Family Facebook page.