Education for Ministry (EfM)

  • EfM is a mentored, four-year program of study and small group participation which invites participants to deepen our understanding of the church’s rich history and to empower a life of individual and community discipleship. Bible study and theological reflection, as well as history and theology are all included in the course of the program. Read more about EfM here

  • While a four-year commitment may seem daunting, most participants find that EfM becomes a vital and treasured part of their week, and there is flexibility in completion of the program. All four years may be completed concurrently, or students can take a break and return when the time is right, picking up where they left off. Education for Ministry is a nationwide program administered by the School of Theology at Sewanee, so it is also possible to transfer your enrollment if life moves you into or away from a group at Saint John’s.

  • Our online class meets Monday evenings, with mentor Johanna Leuchter, September through May.

    Our in person class meets Sunday afternoons at Saint John’s, with mentor Gaile Koehler, September through May.

    Please contact Tina Clark with any questions.