COVID-19 Policy

  • From the Director of Operations

    Updated on October 16, 2022

    Denver is currently in the low-risk category, according to the CDCThis is good news, although we all know how fast things like this change. As always, please remember that Saint John’s is a community of trust. We trust that we are all committed to keeping each other safe, keeping in mind the CDC continues to recommend that if you are not vaccinated and are aged two or older, you should wear a mask at all indoor public places. We trust that if you are nervous about COVID-19, you will make the decisions that you know keep you and your loved ones safe, including joining us for worship online instead of in-person. Finally, we trust and know that we all are choosing to stay home and join worship services online if we aren’t feeling well, we are getting tested and staying home if we are positive, and we are staying home or wearing a mask if we were around someone while they were positive. Thank you for continuing to be intentional, gentle, and caring of yourself and each other.

  • Additional Information: COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

    – If you are awaiting COVID-19 test results, and/or simply aren’t feeling well, please stay home and join our worship offerings online.

    – Attendance at all Sunday worship offerings remains open and does not require a reservation, though masks are required.

    Regarding Monday – Friday/Weekdays

    – Everyone onsite at any time at the cathedral should have a mask with them and wear their masks upon first entering the building. A simple way to navigate if the people you are around are comfortable with you removing your mask, so long as you are fully vaccinated, is to ask them. As news from the CDC and other sources evolves, we recognize that some people may not be able to get vaccinated or may have kids or family members that cannot be vaccinated, and so we will continue to be sensitive, kind, and cautious.

    Thank you for your understanding and support, and thank you for staying home if you are or if someone in your household is not feeling well or may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

    All our policies are in-line with the policies of the Office of the Bishop and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

    We will continue to update this policy as more information is released on COVID-19 and the vaccine.

    Thank you,
    Audrey Chapman
    Director of Operations