Holy Communion

We’re now offering Holy Communion at the cathedral in two ways: spiritually at home or in person at the cathedral.

Watch Dean Richard’s message below to learn more about communion at the cathedral.

  • Receiving In-Person

    Holy Communion is offered from 12:00 to 2:00 pm on Sundays. Registration is encouraged, so we can estimate how many people will come each week. To do so, please fill out this form for each person in your household that will be receiving communion in person. Please fill out a new form each Sunday you plan to come receive in person. If you plan to receive communion and ashes on Ash Wednesday, please fill out this form. More information about our Ash Wednesday offerings are here.

  • You may park in our Washington lot or across 14th Avenue in the Argonaut parking lot. Please remember to wear a mask and practice physical distancing of 6 feet from those outside your household.

    What to expect: You’ll check in at the front doors of the cathedral on 14th Avenue. From there, you’ll walk through the center aisle while our organists play some favorite hymns. When you reach the front of the aisle, a clergy person will invite you forward to a small credence table with a paper cup containing consecrated wafers for your household. Here you may remove your mask to receive communion, then replace your mask and discard your paper cup.

  • When you are finished, you will exit through Somers-Kniss Hall where someone will check you out as you leave.

    We appreciate your compliance with this method and flow of receiving communion as we keep our whole community safe. If you or someone in your household are not feeling well or are awaiting a COVID-19 test, please stay home. If you receive a positive COVID-19 test within two weeks of receiving communion in-person, please email Director of Operations, Audrey Chapman at .

  • Spiritual Communion

    If you choose to receive spiritually in the comforts of your home during the 10 am online Eucharist, you will pray the following prayer at the time of spiritual communion.

    Lord of the Feast, thank you for feeding us with the spiritual Body and Blood of Christ. May we be reminded of the many times we have been fed at your table, always being drawn closer to you in the breaking of the bread. We acknowledge your presence among us, just as you were present with your disciples. May your Holy Spirit continue to strengthen us to live, learn, and love beyond our walls. For the sake of your love in our lives, forever and ever. Amen.