Campus Stewardship

  • Campus Stewardship & Revenue Planning

    The mission of the Task Force is to carefully steward the physical resources and properties Saint John’s owns in Capitol Hill, generate sustainable revenue streams, and enhance a sense of community while also serving the needs of our neighbors in Capitol Hill and Denver.

    The Task Force regularly meets with Tryba Architects, and our conversations have been informed by past cathedral campus planning initiatives, including previous master plans, legal agreements, vision documents, reports, and assessments so that we’re not starting from scratch, but rather building on the foundation of what has come before.

  • Task Force Members

    Leigh Grinstead, Co-Chair
    Diane Barrett, Co-Chair
    Bob Traettino
    Stefan Burris
    Sally Brown
    Larry Kueter
    Damion Pechota

    Staff Liaisons
    Audrey Chapman, Director of Operations
    The Very Reverend Richard Lawson, Dean
    Evans Ousley, Director of Communications

  • Discovery & Discernment Phase

    For more information about the Task Force’s mission and answers to common questions, click here. Below you’ll see a document created at the close of our Information Gathering and Discovery phase that covers the depth of this project. We welcome questions, comments, and ideas at any time, which you can send to