• Sunday Schedule

    8 am – Morning Prayer
    on All Souls’ Walk (no registration required)

    10:30 am – Choral Eucharist (live-streamed)
    in Dagwell Hall (registration required)

    11:30 am – Coffee Hour
    on All Souls’ Walk

    12-1 pm – Reception of Communion
    in Saint Martin’s Chapel (no registration required)

    5 pm – The Wilderness (live-streamed)
    in Dagwell Hall (registration required)

    Register for a service here, and learn more about what to expect at the cathedral on Sundays.

Upcoming Events

  1. 7 August

  2. 8 August

    Children's Chapel

  3. 15 August

    Children's Chapel

Join us for small group and ministry meetings, services, and formation events!

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