• Beloved

    Beloved is the fellowship group for LGBTQI+ members and friends of Saint John’s. We gather together for fellowship events such as potlucks, service opportunities, and spiritual formation groups. Beloved is a space for LGBTQI+ members to deepen their spirituality in community and learn from one another.


    SAGES stands for Spiritual Awareness and Growth in Everyday Situations. These are groups intended to give us space to explore our spiritual journeys in our daily lives. We can offer one another profound support as we engage with spiritual practices, see our faith in action, and strive to be true to our faith in everyday situations.

    Beginning this fall during Cathedral Nights, groups will read Looking for God in the Messy Places as a catalyst for conversation. It is not necessary to read at the same pace, or even read at all. The book is a helpful tool in opening dialogue.

    The Beloved SAGES group will meet during Cathedral Night beginning September 20. For more information, please contact Digital Ministry Coordinator, Enrique Cintrón at .

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