20s & 30s

20s & 30s is a gathering of young adults at Saint John’s Cathedral and beyond who gather a few times a month for brunch, service, and theological reflection.

If you want to receive regular updates about cathedral young adult gatherings and events, please email Sarah Strand at to be added to the list.

  • Fellowship

    The 20s & 30s group meets once a month during the program year (September through May) for brunch after church. The group occasionally gathers for other fellowship events such as game nights or sporting events.

  • 20s & 30s Retreat

    We offer a yearly 20s and 30s Retreat for those interested in spending a weekend in community and spiritual respite. Whether you are a returning participant or new to Saint John’s, this retreat is a great chance for our young adults to share about their encounters with God and faith, and to build community. Retreat dates for 2024 are forthcoming; please email Sarah Strand at to stay in the loop about this and other 20s & 30s offerings.

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  • SAGES for 20s and 30s

    SAGES (Spiritual Awareness and Growth in Everyday Situations) are groups intended to give us space to explore our spiritual journeys in our daily lives. We can offer one another profound support as we engage with spiritual practices, see our faith in action, and strive to be true to our faith in everyday situations. Beginning this fall, SAGES groups will read Looking for God in the Messy Places as a catalyst for conversation. It is not necessary to read at the same pace, or even read at all. The book is a helpful tool in opening dialogue.

    The 20s & 30s Group will have its own SAGES small group; they will meet during Cathedral Nights starting Wednesday, September 20.


Upcoming Events

  1. 4 October

  2. 4 October

    Wilderness Discovery Night

  3. 4 October

    Daughters of the King

  4. 4 October

    SAGES for Women